Here we go! This is the first official posting of my webcomic RATFIST! If you’re reading this, thank you for showing up. I’m a huge fan of my readers, I literally need you to make doing comics worth it, so even there’s only one of you out there, thank you! You just became my eye-witness (ear witness?) that this tree made a sound when it fell in the forest.

The first page of a book is really hard, because no matter how many model sheets I make of a character, their face is going to shift around throughout the story as I learn to draw them better. Inking with a huge bamboo, horsehair brush doesn’t exactly give me a lot of control either.

I have to start by thanking Katherine “Lemm” Garner who colors RATFIST so beautifully! She’s also the web-master of all things RATFIST and put this whole thing together! Click on her link! She’s also been running the #1 Earthworm Jim website for oh, about 15 years now. She’s English, shy and can move objects with her mind, so don’t get her angry.

Doug TenNapel

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